Bringing his own brand of rolling Neurofunk to the Propaganda 011 ranks. PK is fast becoming a force of his own in the South African Drum and Bass community. Leading the Propaganda social media charge, PK is a man on a mission. Check out his socials below.



A versatile and formidable DJ, Format is at home playing anything from upbeat dance floor classics to sultry liquid, this saw him voted as the best local drum and bass DJ of 2018. Format co-ordinates Propaganda 011’s organisational and administrative forces.  


point 4

Point 4 rounds off the Propaganda 011 DJ armada with the heavier hitting drum and bass ammo. His arsenal is comprised of quick, technical mixing. Point 4 commands the stage design and technical aspects of the Propaganda 011 machine.

daniel green

Daniel Green is Propaganda’s link to the masses. A well respected staple of the South African drum and bass community, and a breakbeat coinnessuer¬† there is no-one better to command the Propaganda 011 Special Ops crew (Street Team).¬†